DJ Staz first arrived on the scene in 1993, mixing alongside DJ Nort.

This was an exciting time for them, turntabling at great parties such as ‘Sweetlake’, ‘Evil Dreams’ and ‘Skinners Madhouse’ and at various venues in and around The Hague, including Club Avenue, Houtrust Rotonde and Zichtenburg.
Eventually they each went their own way – and soon Staz began a collaboration with Deceptix. This was such a good fit that in 2003 they decided to continue working as Deceptix&Staz. From this point they took off.

On New Year’s Eve 2003, the pair were invited to perform at ‘I Hate Trance’. They also started performing at the small, notorious venue De Fonteyn, where soon they were asked to put on their own shows. Their monthly nights of rocking beats and extreme hardcore at De Fonteyn became known as ‘Primary Disturbance’ and filled the venue every time.

In March 2004, Deceptix&Staz were booked to play at ‘Total Distrez’ at the Bazart in The Hague. This was so well received that the organisers asked them back for a second, equally successful edition of this event, and this led to a formal collaboration. The organisation was eventually taken over by Deceptix&Staz, who went on to mount some forty parties at the venue.

Shortly after their first appearance at ‘Total Distrez’, the pair were invited to turn the tables at the ‘Strictly Hardcore’ event at the Celebration Studios in The Hague – also kown as The O and the Marathon. This too was an immediate hit and before long, Deceptix&Staz secured a residency here as well.
They went on to perform at many parties throughout the Netherlands – ‘Execute’, ‘Strictly on Tour’ and ‘Enemy of the State’ among them. Germany wasn’t safe either – ‘Speedrazor’, ‘Raving Nightmare’ and ‘Nature One’ were among the many great parties across the border that saw the pair perform.

Over 13 momentous years, the partnership has seen its ups and downs, with numerous new concepts and countless great parties, and the time has come for a new chapter. While the two will continue occasional collaborations, Staz has decided to spread his wings and strike out on a new solo career.