It was the early 90’s, house and hardcore was booming and DJ RawTech was immediately sold. Like many of the DJs in South Holland he bought his first records at BPM dance in Zoetermeer. In his early years he mainly played illegal parties, however after meeting well known DJs Meagashira and Partyraiser, he started to play at clubs or events. During this period he went under the name DJ Elmo.

When technology started to change and CDs began to take over from vinyl, Rawtech(DJ Elmo) felt that the scene had changed and he no longer saw the fun in it any more. In 2014 Jelmer Romijn (his real name) was invited to play at the “Wij Zijn Gabber” along with his old friend Meagashira in ‘Het Paard van Troje’ in the Hague. Since that day there was no stopping him and he has returned as RAWTECH.

The razzler