Miracle Noise

Miracle Noise is a young talented duo consisting of Sander Stegeman (22) and James Adamyan (23). Still at the start of their journey, they are full of energy and passion to share their music with the world. Starting in 2014, the duo came together and had an instant click when it came to producing and taste of music style. The unique ingredients of their electro house music can be best described as full sounding drums with anthemic melodies. In other words: Miracle Noise knows the value of creativity and building a unique style.

About Sander:
Ever since he first laid his hands on a mixing deck, he knew he had to learn all of it possibilities. Like a pianist feels at home sitting in front a piano, Sander can’t go a day without mixing his favorite tracks in unique ways. After months of trial and error, he finally felt that he was ready to perform in front of an audience. When he did, there was no way back. He instantly fell in love with the way he could change the crowds’ mood and get everyone on the dance floor. Even those who usually refuse to dance! He is looking forward to storming the biggest stages around the world and is confident that his style is universal and meant for everybody who loves to party!

About James:
Though he attended piano lessons as a youngster, he never truly enjoyed it due to the fact he had to play other peoples compostions. A few years later, he was introduced to Fruity Loops 6 and instantly fell in love. Finally he had found a way to make music his own. Never one to compromise he started to develop his own style. He spent the next years making hiphop beats for various artist, but realised he wanted to be less dependent and publish his tracks under his own name. Blending his knowledge of hiphop and electro gave him a different vision and musical style to his contemporaries, which is one of the reasons why the music he produces with Sander sounds so unique. James prefers to mix his beats instead of going for a standard four to the floor kickdrum, allowing him to switch it up and take the music to another level. Using a combination of unique instruments and sounds they make their tracks stand out from the crowd whilst keeping their audiences love for partying in mind. The qualities of both artists make for a unique combination that will not only deliver great music, but more importantly: near perfect live performances. Miracle Noise is a duo, but has one mind and one goal: deliver the best music and live performance there is!