Born in Rotterdam.

It all started on my nephew’s birthday when I was 12 years old, he got a Thunderdome CD and turned it whole day long in his room!

After that, the interest in dance music actually began, especially the harder side of it. After trying out some fast track programs, the potential started to come true with Fruityloops.
When i met Maurice de Leeuw (M-Bitious) somewhere in 2007, the switch to a new DAW (Cubase) began with a number of releases:

M_nd-Sensation & M-Bitious (Jumpstyle),
Hardstyle Syndicate (Hardstyle)

and some other ghost productions, including Implosive Records (my own label back then) and Hooligan Records (Cloud9).

After the break somewhere in 2012, I decided to stop producing, but after a few years it started to creak again, And started to produce again (this time focusing on Rawstyle) at the end of 2015 but now solo!

Thanks to the guys at Royalz, there may be a new opportunity to prove me again, now as Darksider!

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