Class Hero

Class Hero consists of two members Lorenzo van Poele (1991) and Martin van Leenen (1990). These two Terneuzenaren found each other musically in 2010. In the beginning their collaborations where restricted to local parties, cafés and pubs, but they soon decided to build their own studio and begin producing their own tracks. In the following years very little time was wasted in the studio. This lead to Class Hero having their first release on a small English label in 2012. Between 2012 and 2015 the duo were regular performers at the larger regional festivals but also over the border in Belguim including Vestrock in Hulst, Sunset Festival Lille(B). Noxx Antwerp(B) and the Structure Festival Terneuzen.

In 2014 they decided to concentrate on their production which also led to a change in style from progressive house to a more groovy house. This change in style suited Class Hero well. Class Hero’s ambition for 2015 was to have at least one release and to perform more. With one release in March this year “Class Hero – Advanced” on a Flamingo Records compilation you could say they are well on schedule. In March 2015, Class hero signed a contract with Royalz inc. Management in Den Haag who will be helping Class Hero achieve the rest of their goals for the year.

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